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Content as a Superpower for Expertise-Based Businesses

By Bob Lange on 5/6/24 1:01 PM

Content marketing has emerged as a critical tool for professional service firms, offering a way to showcase expertise, build trust, and generate a steady flow of leads. For owners of professional service firms, including legal services, business consultants, healthcare consultants, and business coaches, leveraging content as a superpower can transform their marketing efforts and drive substantial growth.

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Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know

By Bob Lange on 4/3/23 1:23 PM

As a small business owner, it is so important to understand the power of analytics and what it can do for your business. While many business owners are familiar with Google Analytics, the next generation of the platform is finally here, and it’s designed with the future of measurement in mind. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new and improved platform that will help you better understand your customer journey, provide more predictive capabilities, directly integrate with media platforms, and drive more actions to be taken on your website. Learn more about the benefits of GA4 and how you can get started with GA4 below.

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What Is HubSpot and Why Is It Beneficial for Small Business Owners?

By Bob Lange on 10/21/22 11:34 AM

Being a small business owner is a tough job. Staying up to date on ways to help make your job simpler and your business more successful can go a long way. One consideration is understanding the importance and benefits of using a CRM, also known as customer relationship management software. At its core, HubSpot is a CRM platform, but it is so much more. With the ability to add additional hubs for marketing, sales, service, & operations, it is a platform to grow with your business. 

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First-Party Cookies vs. Third-Party Cookies and Why It Matters

By Bob Lange on 8/22/22 10:58 AM

Although many may think third-party cookies are simply an upgraded version of first-party cookies, it is not necessarily the case. The main differences between first and third-party cookies are:

  • Setting the cookie: A first-party cookie is set by your web server or any JavaScript you have loaded onto this website. Third-party cookies can come from an advertising vendor, as well as code that has been put on our site directly and henceforth recognized with these technologies called "third parties."
  • Cookie availability: Cookies are a way to remember what you have chosen on one website so that they can be restored when visiting another site. First-party cookies will only show up if the domain which created them is also being used as an entry point, while third-party ones should work cross-domain without any issues whatsoever!
  • Browser support/blocking: The user can delete third-party cookies from their browser, but many browsers block this action by default. First-party cookie support is universal across all browsers and deleted ones will not be stored on your computer unless you enable them first!

There are so many differences that third-party cookies are now being phased out from many web browsers. This is a big change for advertisers and knowing what to expect ahead of time can help you use this change to your advantage.

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Saying Goodbye to Third-Party Cookies

By Bob Lange on 8/22/22 10:50 AM

A cookie is a delicious treat that comes in a variety of flavors, but it also is a file that remembers website configurations, such as left items in your online shopping cart or other personal data. There are two different types of these cookies, first-party and third-party. Website owners use these cookies in a variety of ways for their advertising and marketing strategies. Third-party cookies have been used for many years to track website visitors. Using the information provided by these cookies, we can improve the user experience, learn what our visitors are viewing when they are not on our own website, and help us target ads based on this data collection. Unfortunately, the way we use these cookies is being phased out in an effort to protect website users asking for more privacy.

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Databox: A Dashboard Tool to Connect and Track Your Performance Data

By Bob Lange on 7/13/22 10:32 AM

What if you had all your business performance data in one place so you could track your progress, measure your goals, and more, all on the same platform? Think of the time this could save you and how much more streamlined your business can be. This is where Databox comes in. Databox allows you to build custom dashboards and track your performance by connecting your data from any tool and tracking it from any device.

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6 Lead Generation Tactics for Small Businesses

By Bob Lange on 6/7/22 1:52 PM

Creating a steady stream of leads is vital for any small business. Having a consistent flow of leads allows business owners to year-over-year grow their contact/email list, sales opportunities, customer base and revenue.  Leads help your business grow but how do you generate them and what do you do with them? Following these six steps will help you gather leads and grow your business.

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Are You Tracking Your Key Marketing Metrics?

By Bob Lange on 5/3/22 2:06 PM

A key part of any marketing strategy is tracking metrics. Without tracking metrics, you will never know what works (or doesn’t work) and how you need to pivot your strategy to achieve the most success for your business. Tracking metrics can be overwhelming due to the amount of data available to track but figuring out what is most important can help simplify the process. Here are four steps to help you develop and track your key marketing metrics.

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Key Steps that should be included in your Annual Inbound Strategy Plan

By Bob Lange on 4/14/22 12:06 PM

As a marketer, we know how important it is for you to attract and retain your clients. Although you may be technically dedicated to the company’s marketing efforts, it is common for those working at a small business to wear many hats. Because of this, you may not always be able to solely focus on creating or following through with an annual strategic plan. 

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11 Types of Video to Use on Your Website

By Bob Lange on 9/10/20 8:33 AM

When it comes to video marketing, there are a host of options to consider. Video can be a very effective  strategy to engage and delight your audience — and move them along their buyer journey. And video production is more cost-effective than ever — you can shoot in high-quality, 4K video with your smartphone.

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