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Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4: What You Need to Know

By Bob Lange on 8/8/22 10:16 AM

As a small business owner, it is so important to understand the power of analytics and what it can do for your business. While many business owners are familiar with Google Analytics, the next generation of the platform is finally here, and it’s designed with the future of measurement in mind. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new and improved platform that will help you better understand your customer journey, provide more predictive capabilities, directly integrate with media platforms, and drive more actions to be taken on your website. Learn more about the benefits of GA4 and how you can get started with GA4 below.

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Databox: A Dashboard Tool to Connect and Track Your Performance Data

By Bob Lange on 7/13/22 10:32 AM

What if you had all your business performance data in one place so you could track your progress, measure your goals, and more, all on the same platform? Think of the time this could save you and how much more streamlined your business can be. This is where Databox comes in. Databox allows you to build custom dashboards and track your performance by connecting your data from any tool and tracking it from any device.

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Are You Tracking Your Key Marketing Metrics?

By Bob Lange on 5/3/22 2:06 PM

A key part of any marketing strategy is tracking metrics. Without tracking metrics, you will never know what works (or doesn’t work) and how you need to pivot your strategy to achieve the most success for your business. Tracking metrics can be overwhelming due to the amount of data available to track but figuring out what is most important can help simplify the process. Here are four steps to help you develop and track your key marketing metrics.

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