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Simply, Organic Search entails “being found” on the search engine results page (SERPs) for a relevant search query. In other words, if you sell and service widgets in the Mid-Atlantic area, it would be nice to come up in a top 3 position for a Google query like “top widget service companies in Maryland”. Attaining that top position depends on a number of factors including the search engine algorithm and  competitive environment, but often can be attained with a combination of traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), quality content and social sharing. It’s important to remember that the overall goal of all search engines is to identify the most relevant sites. The algorithms are designed to use keywords to help determine relevance, but there are other factors considered as well, such as incoming links from topically relevant sites.

Keep in mind, most SERPs also include “blended” result options for images, news, shopping, videos, etc. which searchers may find useful. These too need to be considered in an SEO program

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably  THE most cost-effective digital marketing strategy, but also the most challenging to get right.

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