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The modern seller’s world is driven by data. But a constant stream of information can overwhelm sales reps and hurt productivity. Sales enablement professionals create systems to make data a true asset.

Standardize Reporting

The most immediate way to derive valuable insights from business data is to agree on a set of standardized sales reports. Reporting needs vary from company to company but some common reports are:

  • Activities logged by salespeople
  • Product demos delivered
  • Deals won and lost
  • Leads generated / worked

Sales leadership often has a high level understanding of what reports are relevant to a business. However, they might lack the technical ability to create these reports. Sales enablement professionals can bridge this gap.

Review Sales Process

Often, company reports will highlight points of disconnect in the sales process that leadership should address. For example, if the sales team books a significant amount of demos every month, but hardly any result in closed customers, the company should investigate its demo process.

An sales process audit is an in depth, data-backed analysis of a company’s sales process to discover  areas where sales performance could be improved. Many external sales enablement consultants begin service contracts with a sales process audit.

Qualify Leads

Modern salespeople are overwhelmed by information on people who are a poor fit for their business.

Sales enablement professionals implement lead scoring systems that assign positive or negative weight to contacts and companies based on data indicating how good a fit a given lead is. Local businesses with limited geographic reach, for example, will negatively weight contacts that live in a different country. Similarly, a company that sells only to small businesses will assign positive weight to a company with 10-20 employees.

Businesses using a CRM can surface good fit companies and leads to reps the minute they convert on your website. Less qualified prospects are moved to a CRM queue that salespeople can work on their own time.

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