4 min read

Key Steps that should be included in your Annual Inbound Strategy Plan

By Bob Lange on 4/14/22 12:06 PM

As a marketer, we know how important it is for you to attract and retain your clients. Although you may be technically dedicated to the company’s marketing efforts, it is common for those working at a small business to wear many hats. Because of this, you may not always be able to solely focus on creating or following through with an annual strategic plan. 

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2 min read

Mapping Content to Each Phase of the Funnel

By Nikki Madison on 9/28/16 9:05 AM

If you're beginning to think of creating a content marketing strategy as akin to a dating strategy, you've got the right idea. Yes, it can be a beguiling and perplexing process, but when you extend the metaphor, you can demystify the process and set it on the right track – with mutually beneficial results.

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