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Building a Data Driven Marketing Program

By Dennis Hart on 4/3/18 9:40 AM

For many small business owners, marketing is all about getting the word out as much as possible through social media, paid advertisements, and being found in organic search using SEO. But hidden inside all those routine marketing efforts is a treasure trove of data. Business owners can use this data to find out what’s working in their marketing strategy and what’s not. Yet, so many business owners simply ignore these powerful analytics instead of letting them inform their business decisions. As overwhelming as data analytics can seem, it’s just about assembling the right tools and data points and making sense of all the facts and figures. According to Harvard Business Review, marketers spend around 11% of their overall budget on analytics.

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Three Essentials for Driving Organic Traffic to Your Website

By Bob Lange on 1/12/18 1:19 PM

It is estimated that 89% of customers begin their buying journey with a search engine. Think about that. Think how consumer behavior has changed over the years. And more specifically, think about how consumers in your industry/category/niche (your prospects) have changed their buying habits over time. Have you adjusted accordingly?

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Significance of Search Engine Optimization

By Bob Lange on 11/11/15 9:41 AM

You've got your website up and now the world can come flooding in your doors, right? Everyone told you to get it on the internet so people could find you, so why aren't people finding you?

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