When it comes to video marketing, there are a host of options to consider. Video can be a very effective  strategy to engage and delight your audience — and move them along their buyer journey. And video production is more cost-effective than ever — you can shoot in high-quality, 4K video with your smartphone.

The following styles are "thought starter" considerations for adding video to your marketing mix:

Talking Head Videos

Talking head videos are when someone is talking directly to the person watching, and they’re facing the camera. 

Testimonial Videos

Nothing sells a customer on your products and services like honest testimonials from one of your best customers. And, when it’s in video format, it’s even more effective.

Product Demonstration Videos

Do you have a product that is hard for people to use without some instructions? Create a product demonstration video to show people how it works.

Q&A Videos

FAQ pages aren't exactly riveting reading & they can be downright annoying. I mean, who wants to scroll through and read all that — right? Make your FAQ questions more entertaining with an interview-stye Q&A video.

Photo Montage Videos

Do you want to tell a story through photos you took at an important conference, event, or maybe even a corporate retreat? Make a photo montage video!

Explainer Videos

Does your business sell products or services in a specialized industry, like IT, engineering, or robotics? Explainer videos are great for simplifying complex topics.

How-To Videos

Do you offer coaching or other training services? How-To videos show people how to do something, step-by-step, from start to finish.

Promo Videos

Are you running a special promotion or event? Promo videos grab your audience’s attention and make them want to learn more.

Thought Leadership Videos

Are you an industry leader? Show off your expertise and wisdom with a thought leadership video by educating your audience on any new idea, method, or product you've created.

Webinar Videos

Webinars are live video events that can be pre-recorded, or recorded live for later use. They can be educational, informative, or even inspirational.

Company Culture Videos

Allow customers to connect with your brand by sharing a behind-the-scenes look at your companies’ culture.

Is video part of your marketing strategy? Are there opportunities to use video to educate and/or nurture your leads, prospects and customers? See the opportunity, but overwhelmed with details on how to capture, edit, publish and promote video? Let's chat. 

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Bob Lange

Written by Bob Lange