HubSpot is a powerful platform that helps you accomplish many different tasks. With all of its
capabilities, it is essential to keep the platform organized so you can get the best use out of it. We’re
going to share best practices on how to keep your HubSpot Portal organized and how to audit the
information in the software to narrow any gaps or opportunities you may be missing out on utilizing.

Hubspot best practices

Your HubSpot is likely full of data, as it should be! Keeping that data clean and organized needs to be
made a priority to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Use these tips at least once per year, if not
twice per year to make sure your portal data is being used properly.
  • Delete Contacts
  • Merge Duplicate Contacts
  • De-Dupe Contact Properties
  • Use Personas
  • Update Lifecycle Stages
  • Update Data Formats
When it comes to deleting contacts from your portal, this is where you will notice the biggest change.
Unnecessary and old contacts take up a lot of space. Delete those that have hard bounced, haven’t been
to your website in over one year, and haven’t interacted with your content in over one year.

You will also see a big change when you merge duplicate contacts together. The more duplicate contacts imported, the more space taken up. Merge the two contacts together and indicate which will be the primary contact staying in the system.

How often do you see three different contact property names to denote “first name”? There could be
first name, fname, fn, for example. All of these mean the same thing, but it isn’t clean data. You can
de-dupe these properties in HubSpot, so you are only having one first-name contact property.
We’ve discussed buyer’s personas before in this blog, and you can use HubSpot to enter these personas
if you haven’t done so already. Buyer personas are a great sales tool that helps you understand how why
a contact makes a purchasing decision.

Lifecycle stages are used to help your team take contacts from leads to paying customers. This can only
be done properly if the lifecycle stages are updated within HubSpot. A workflow based on actions taken
by your contacts can help ensure their lifecycle stage is accurate.

Lastly, updating your data formats keep your information clean. When your data is formatted differently
it makes it difficult to pull the specific data you need. The four most common types of data collected are
phone numbers, full names, mailing addresses, and email addresses. Make sure you set a standard format for how this data is collected to make it easier on those doing your reporting.

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Auditing Tips

Once you are confident that your HubSpot is as clean and as organized as possible, you can perform an
audit with the most up-to-date data. An audit helps you find key information to help improve your
marketing strategy. Use these four steps to perform an audit:
  1. Complete Your Data – Incomplete data leads to incomplete potential leads. Enter all your contacts and any other resources that have created leads.
  2. Dive into Your Data – Now that all your data is entered, take a good look at the trends you notice. Are there certain days of the week that do better than others? Take note of the days you have better results and the days where there are lulls. This information is key for the rest of your audit.
  3. Find What’s Missing – Use your results from the step above to identify problem areas. Are you getting a lot of website visitors but noticing they aren’t converting? Are you not getting much website traffic? Make a list of each problem area so you can make a plan to improve upon it.
  4. Make a Plan – Using the list you just made of what’s missing you can now make a plan to improve each area. If your website visitors are not converting, try to add more calls to action. The more opportunities given to your visitors to convert, the more chances they have to follow through. If your website traffic has been minimal, add more content. With more content available you have more opportunities to reach unique visitors.

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Your HubSpot audit will provide valuable information to guide your team as they organize and analyze
how to best utilize the data collected. If you have questions about using HubSpot, keeping it organized, or performing an audit, Revv Partners can help. Schedule a call with us today and we’ll help you take your
sales efforts to the next level.

Revv Marketing Team

Written by Revv Marketing Team